Ooo that smell

My stupid dog decided to play with a skunk this morning. Oh my god. You cannot imagine how intense this smell is.

This happened a little before 5am. We’ve been working for the past 3 hours but not making much headway. The dog is a little better but the smell is everywhere now. Supposedly there are some products we can buy but the pet store will not be open for several more hours. In the mean time we’re trying every home remedy we can find. The peroxide/baking-soda solution does seem to help, but not much. At this point I’m starting to think the only option is to leave everything and move.

2 comments for “Ooo that smell

  1. tomatoe juice is the folk remedy,

    might be the acid content, so vinegar might work too.

  2. The science behind tomato juice is not very strong. Vinegar on the carpets seemed to help. The H2O2 solution worked fairly well for the dog, but in the end, there is no 100% solution. Each bath is an improvement, but the odor returns to a degree.

    At Day three, the house is at least tolerable now, and the dog isn’t too bad, but it looks like time is the only 100% cure.

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