Skype competition

Peerio444 is a new peer to peer VoIP application. Their FAQ makes a lot of claims, but is short on details. I’ll have to download it to see what it will really do. They claim it supports SIP, but we’ll have to see if it can actually dial a SIP uri. They call it serverless peer-to-peer telephony.

Q: Can Peerio444 users only call other Peerio444 users?
A: No, unlike similar VoIP applications, users are not restricted to calling other Peerio444 users. They may call a user of any standard VoIP application and any number – including mobile phones, 800 and international numbers – with Peerio444.

Via Andy Abramson

UPDATE: You cannot actually download this application. The site says it’s available, but there is no link to download it.

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  1. Okay, um, apparently you can’t download the beta. There’s a download page that claims the windows version is ready … but there is no link to download.

  2. Apparently, the site is in production, but should be up in the near future.

    I found it when searching around. Sorry, I didn’t say, the apps not yet available.

  3. This is vaporware. I was checking the pages daily and wrote to them – not a word back. I think they went the same way as Goroshevsky’s previous project – Internet Telephony. Its a shame how easily some people promise things on their web pages.
    The amount of vapor that is now coming out of Israeli-based techo-companies is staggering.

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