Where did our tidy, antiseptic, little war go?

I have been quiet about the rogue’s gallery of photos depicting military sadism in the name of patriotism. And I’m not going to say a whole lot now. To condemn these actions is about as signifcant and meaningful as Miss America speaking to the world hunger issue.

One thing that is certain is that this is not the action of a few renegade PFCs. That’s not the way the military works. Especially with something of this scope. Orders come through a chain of command. Autonomy is not the rule of the day. People not only knew up the chain, but actively condoned and directed the activity.

So America is outraged — now, finally. But where were they back when we could have actually done something to avoid this in the first place? And where will they be in November? Why were we not outraged by all the actions by this administration leading up to Abu Ghraib?

We cannot let Rumsfeld or some 21-year-old trailer trash play the scapegoat here. This goes straight to president Cheney Bush. He told us he was “a uniter, not a divider” and I guess he was right. He has certainly united the world against the United States.