You know you have too much time on your hands when

In my case, it’s when I’m blogging. I’m consistently impressed with the prolificacy of the active bloggers. For me, not blogging is a sure sign that I’m working on something.

So for my 8.3 regular readers, on the edge of their LCD screens in anticipation of my next provacative insight, I offer this tidbit. Recently, I had a Linksys router go the way of things. My son and I decided to put it to good use. We took it to the plinking range and shot the hell out of it.

Maybe I should call tech support and tell them I’m having a slight problem with the unit. “One day it worked, and the next it didn’t.” Or, this being America, I could sue them because nowhere in the manual did it say anything about what might be the effect of a .45 ACP full metal jacket round at 10 yards.

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  1. You didn’t use the .40? would be interesting to compare .40/.45 terminal ballistics on the g-10

  2. I was out of ammo for the .40. We hit it with the .45, .44-40 and .22.

    My son prefers the .44-40 SAA over either of the semi-autos.

  3. Cool! A cowboy eh?
    I’ve never shot one myself, but I do like a revolver. He’s in good company.

    Hello, Linksys? My router seems shot to hell and the power on reset doesn’t work.

    My netgear was still under warranty when it died. (3 years) Only had to pay shipping. Was pleasantly surprised.

  4. Not far off the mark, my friend.

    In the early 80s when I was in college I worked at a Radio Shack in Denver. We had these really crappy wireless phones that sold for $20. They had a range of about 10 feet.

    People were always bringing them back.

    One day this woman came in with a paper bag and pointed at those phones and said "Can I exchange my phone, this one isn’t working."

    I said, "Sure, but they are all about that crappy."

    She looked confused and handed me the bag. In it was a phone, melted and burned, with a penny and a piece of hard candy stuck into the once molten plastic.

    "Did it explode?" I asked.

    "No," she replied, "I had a grease fire in the kitchen and the phone was by the stove."

    We took the return because at Radio Shack you can return anything at any time for any reason. So, buy your next router from Radio Shack, blast it away with an M5 and take it back.

  5. It’s frightening that you have access to firearms, what do you need them for? To shoot dead routers, yeah right.
    It’s also saddening to hear that you have taught your son to shoot. It’s wrong to bring children up thinking it’s alright to own firearms. This story sort of enforces the sterotypes of Americans as the currently careless cowboys of the world. What example are you setting here?

  6. You have a right to your opinion, Fraser.

    I will say that we are not careless. The range where we shoot is a very safe and controlled environment. My son and my entire family have taken gun safety courses and we always show proper respect for firearms.

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