Off to the Fresno Autorama

This year I was lucky enough to have my custom Merc invited by “Blackie” Gejeian to his prestigious car show. This show is only my second invitational. Blackie travels around the country selecting the vehicles he wants to invite to his event, which is famous among hot rodders. I take it has very high praise to be selected by Blackie, who has been around the custom car scene for over 50 years — his Shish-Kabob Special won the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award at the National Roadster Show in 1953. This is his 45th Fresno Autorama.

It is supposed to be quite a party. I look forward to meeting some new people and making some new friends.

UPDATE: The show was fantastic. The best cars per square foot I have ever seen assembled. I posted some photos: Fresno AutoRama Photo Gallery

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  1. Looking all over the net for some closeup pics of the "Shish Kabob Spl" and stumbled onto this site. Saw your Merc, and thought it was a ‘restoration’ of my old one, "the Green Latrine", a ’50 ragtop that had canted quads, Nash grille, and Buick engine/Rdmstr trans, Carson top. (San Jose, CA, 1959-’63) Using the "Shish Kabob" buzz, it would have been cordial to include a pic, just to be ‘appropo’..
    Nice work, otherwise.

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