Kuro5hin and “James A C Joyce” have the scoop on blogs

Hold on to your hats. Blogs are tools of the self-absorbed!

Just ask the Kuro5hin poster going by the name “James A C Joyce”:

Why your Movable Type blog must die

You are all pretentious twats. Every last one of you. You’re all latte-sipping, iMac-using, suburban-living tertiary-industry-working WASPs who offer absolutely no new insights on anything…

For me, as with the Jackson Superbowl stunt, I guess I’m just amazed by the reaction. I mean “James A C Joyce” is obviously trolling. He scores points for saying anything critical of the sacred Movable Type. Not that I have anything against Movable Type, but it always concerns me when anything attains the kind of “beyond reproach” status that MT has achieved among the blogging elite. But otherwise the post is about 1,000 words too long. Most blogs are lame. Bloggers are narcissistic weenies. We get it. Move on.