Mydoom is obviously back

Since the initial 50,000+ copies of the Mydoom virus I received over the first 3 days, I had been getting between 3000 and 4000 copies each day. Until today, in which I have received over 14,000 copies as of 5:49pm. Starting around 10am this morning, the number I received per hour went from around 100 to over 1500.

What have I done to deserve this? I don’t even use Microsoft Outlook, or Microsoft Windows for that matter. Yet somehow, I must be in a lot of address books of people that do use Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Outlook. I guess I have to start doing a better job of picking my friends.

Sheesh. And again, let me add that this is a huge flaw in the design of the mail client (Microsoft Outlook particularly), not a user error. Somehow the myth that this is not a software or design flaw has been spreading and is being repeated regularly in the press (nice PR effort Microsoft and thumbs up on that due diligence by the lackies in the media).

UPDATE: I received 61,815 copies of the Mydoom virus over the two days February 5-6 and 145,755 total copies since I started tracking the virus January 26 (as of 10am 2/6).

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  1. 2004 is the year of the virus. Many people have to learn that Internet is deangerous for all Internetusers and that they have to protect themself.

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