News Corp buys DirecTV

News Corp is the parent of Fox and yesterday the FCC and DoJ gave their stamp of approval to the $6.6 billion takeover deal. As a DirecTV and TiVo subscriber, I have a very bad feeling about this. I have no idea how they will mess this up, but in my experience, when Rupert Murdoch’s Fox moves in, things tend to get stupid.

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  1. I used Direct TV for several years while living in California. I suspended service when I moved to Florida. My new home was built and it took over a year to complete. Without knowing where I live DirectTV took money out of an account left in California. The amount was over $500.00. When contacted about the matter DirectTV refused to return the money. This company will go into your checking account and make deductions without your knowledge, and without hooking up their services.

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