Sunday in San Francisco

We went to the theatre yesterday and saw The Exonerated. The weather was glorious. The city was at its best.

The play was intense, but even it could not overwhelm the magnificence of the city.

San Francisco is not just a place. It is a symbol, a symbol of many things, but in the end, a symbol of what is right about the world. That the world can still admit such a city is itself the expression of this rectitude.

Yet nor is San Francisco simply a symbol. It is a real place, where real people live. A place where over half the voting population is registered Democrat and where there are more voters registered unaffiliated than there are registered Republican. However, this is no economically depressed rural area with a handful of Green party whackjobs to be easilly discounted. This is a city with one of the highest costs of living in the country, if not the world. In other words, these are wealthy liberals. It must scare the hell out of people.