Enough already

You know, I wasn’t going to say much about the California recall election results. I mean, what is there to say? It’s over and done with now and we just have to move on. However, twice in the last two days, I’ve had people, both Republicans, express their views to me, and look for my support in their damnation of Gray Davis.

Why do people talk about politics in casual social settings? In one case, the person had just met me. In the other, they already knew our political views could not be farther apart. In the first case, where is this person’s social etiquette? In the second, he was just being an ass.

Rather than ruin a perfectly good party by letting myself be drawn into an ugly political debate, I decided I would vent here a little instead.

I don’t like being put in the position of defending Gray Davis, but enough is enough. Both Republican instigators stated words to the effect of Gray Davis being the worst governor, if not the worst leader, ever. And to that I say, compared to who? I don’t particularly like the guy, but let’s look at the facts.

Davis has been blamed by the recall supporters for pretty much all of California’s current problems, but the economy and the energy crisis top the list.

The deregulation plan that ultimately caused California

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  1. Ken Lay had every right to charge whatever he wanted for oil. The blame goes to the democrats who stop oil exploration. Oil "friends" is called "experience." Experience is good for a job. Would you prefer to be dependant on OPEC? Your politics seems to indicate so. "Surpluses created under Clinton" What a JOKE!! We all know Clinton completely inflated the budget numbers. There was no "surplus." More smoke and mirrors from the usual suspects. EVERYBODY thought Iraq had WMD’s you liar! Clinton, Kerry, and the list goes on and on! AND you democrats saw to it that we waited 14 months before invading Iraq – after we announced we were coming!! So, HELLO!! They moved them. Earth to Democrats?!? They moved or buried them. But you people go ahed and keep talking like you do. You will keep losing elections, yes, just like you LOSE in 2000 – and they YOU tried to steal it in the courts. IDIOT: Bush won the recount also! The margin only improved to the extent that the ‘recounters’ were changing every vote to a Gore vote. Sorry buttheads, but it is not the 1960’s where you had no talk radio and you controlled all political thought in this country, you NAZIS!!

  2. And you DARE complain about wasting taxpayer dollars?!? Impeaching Clinton was worth every bit of that 80 million as you say, but I do doubt your honesty. Even so, WORTH EVERY PENNY!! The liberal democrats waste billions ANNUALLY! So go fly a kite moron!

  3. First, I’m not a democrat.

    Second, how can the democrats be responsible for wasting billions annually if both the congress and the executive branch are under republican control and have been for 6+ years? Why did the republican controlled congress pass those bills in the first place and why didn’t Bush veto them if they were going to waste money?

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