6 comments for “Wiki page for Greymatter comment verification word hack

  1. I wanted to contact you about your "verification word" modification to the comments form (and I couldn’t find an email link). There are a lot of people having problems with comment spam, (including me!) and I would *greatly* appreciate any additional information you can provide on how you did it. (Even better is if you could write a "guest author" how-to article for Scriptygoddess). Please email me and let me know!

  2. Jennifer, I tried posting a HOWTO to Scriptygoddess, and it said I would get a verification, or update, but I haven’t heard back yet.

  3. Reinhard, take a look at the Wiki page, and let me know what questions you have specifically. This hack is for Greymatter v1.2.1 (not ported to 1.3 yet)

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