Horrible FOX Baseball playoff coverage — again

As if Joe Buck and Tim McCarver weren’t bad enough, the two other dolts calling the Cubs vs. Braves game tonight completely lived up to Fox standards. My favorite was when the color guy went into an elaborate sidebar extolling the virtues of Kerry Wood as a base-runner. He was at second, after hitting a double, and the announcer was showing how impressive it was that he immediately broke for third without waiting to be sure the flair out to left-center wouldn’t be caught. It was uncanny really, except that there were two outs! Sheesh.

There oughta be a law against FOX broadcasting post-season baseball.

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  1. What’s worse, I have a great HD sound system, which is totally useless when watching FOX MLB because they zoom the sound on the catcher’s mit every time a pitch is thrown, completely distorting my speakers. What’s up with this crazy crap? What’s wrong with the normal ambient sounds of the game that everyone loves? What bozo Joe College dreamed up this idiotic "cool new Fox idea"??

  2. why is it the cubs almost always get "bumped" or say you guys choose to show the braves or yankee games. there are other teams and the cub fans ( such as myself) would like to watch here in the carolinas! Once again you advetise the game on FOX but do not show it HERE!!! Please let us watch the games as advetised. Its enough to make me want to switch to satelite!!

  3. Alex, You are right. Beginning last year Fox decided to increase the crowd and field noise to the point you can’t hear the announcers (some may think that’s ok). I find it annoying and thankful I can listen to ESPN radio instead.

  4. The age of robotics is upon us. These guys are as emotional about these games as the bricks in my patio. Not only do I not want McCarver

  5. I am not really interested in degrading anyone for any reason, but FOX needs to give up on braodcating baseball. Just because Joe Buck’s father was a hall of fame announcer does not necessarily mean that his son has the same panache. Joe Buck needs to be announcing independant league games in Sasketchewan. Just awful FOX, just simply AWFUL!!!!!

  6. Whew! After reading the other postings, I guess I’m not the only one who hates the Fox coverage. The Yankees/Detroit game Tuesday nite was horrible. I turn down the sound and turn up radio but I still have to see the horrible camera work. The camera is constantly showing shots of the fans and instead of concentrating on the game. It is so bad. I wish ESPN could cover the whole playoffs & series

  7. Would somebody please tell Tim McCarver that his job is to announce the game…not predict the game. If he really is such a brilliant strategist, why hasn’t any team offered him a managerial position? After all, he’s a genius, and if you don’t believe me, just ask him.

  8. I Thought I was the only one who hated Tim McCarver. He thinks he knows everything and speaks with such authority even when he speaks jibberish. Tonight he explained that the 1.6 second ‘catcher’s time’ for Molina was the time it takes him to get rid of the ball. WHAT CRAP! This coming from an ex-catcher. ‘Catcher times’ is a mitt-to-mitt time. If it took 1.6 seconds for Molina to get rid of the ball, he would never throw anyone out! He can’t tell us he mis-spoke because he said it at least 4 times. I wish Joe and Jon could do them all from a control booth somewhere in Kansas!

  9. This idiot play-by-play team is talking about the Canadian pitcher like he comes from the far north!

    As if American’s weren’t already cosidered ignorant of any geography but their own – and maybe that too – the play by play guys should know that Victoria has a mild ocean climate, they never see winter’s like detroit. Not remotely close to being that cold, ever!

    And puhlease, don’t send the play by play teamto saskatchewan, we have a better one already here.

  10. Ever since Dion drenched McCarver I have been waiting for more retribution to bad baseball announcers. Was baseball invented by Tim, Joe, Steve and, Thom? I know not! Are they coaches of any team now playing? I know not! Do they commission the MLB? Thank god not! So why do they voice their stupid thoughts and hypothetical situations on network TV, because they love themselves. Who makes them god to say that Maglio

  11. Fox is terrible in every way…pitcher’s face close ups, players in the dugout, endless towel-twirling fans. The outfielders do not exist,the batter’s stance is inconsequential, and the runners on base are only visible if on 2nd as seen over the pitcher’s head. Camera work is slightly better on ESPN. Best is on HD 1 or 2. When YES is setting up for an HD telecast you get great shots of the whole field, but that’s only if the game hasn’t started. Sad!

  12. Did anyone notice the Fox "Rain Delay" Cut-in at 9pm Eastern Time Wed Oct 25th? The one-minute Joe Buck voice-over saying that the rain delay was continuing included the Director’s voice, calling camera cuts on the right channel…. Ooops!

  13. Baseball jumped the shark when FOX took it over in the mid-’90’s. Back when NBC had the rights to it in the ’80’s, they really knew how to do baseball. I am still of the opinion that whenever NBC’s "Proud N" was on a baseball game, you were in for an enjoyable baseball game– straight-up, no-bull, no excessive hyping of other series (that is to say, NBC didn’t hype "St. Elsewhere" and "Hill Street Blues" the same way that FOX hyped "Prison Break" and "24"), no excessive force-feeding of graphics, no unpleasant sound effects/music, etc. All you got was pure baseball and nothing more.

  14. And the World Series coverage?!? HORRENDOUS. What can we do about getting another network to cover sports? I am a Rockies fan and it was humiliating enough to have them swept but these two clowns added insult to injury… just awful. I like to have the announcers actually be interested in the game of baseball not the antics of the opposing team playing tribal music and other juvenile behavior…

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