Trivial Turing Test required to post to Mr Blog

I’ve modifed this blog to require a would-be poster to type a word displayed in an image, as shown in the screenshot above. The purpose is to tell if the poster is really a human instead of a machine, to thwart blog-spam robots.Please give it a try and provide feedback. Would such a thing deter you from posting?

UPDATE: I’ve posted this mod if anyone wants to use it. See the wiki page:

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  1. Cool idea … for those of us who use graphics-based browsers, but it excludes blind and text-only users.

    How about a random text question with a determinant and unambiguous answer like "What is the third letter in SPONGE?"

  2. Right. The sighted person problem. There are few other problems too, such as the requirement for a graphical browser. I’ll see if I can come up with some reasonable solutions to those.

  3. It’s a good idea, seems too complicated for someone who knows very little about such things but either way a good idea for popular sites!

  4. Interesting idea. Seems like one good way to do it, but of course it has flaws. Seems every system has flaws for at least somebody.

  5. A few months later..

    I’ve never considered issues of blind persons using the internet, but seems like the obvious solution is to dl a wav file that plays the word. Then the user types/speaks it into the appropriate place, wherever that is. Something along those lines.

  6. Because of the security updates for GM 1.3 I really don’t want to use this system on the older version.

    Is it possible to get the code needed for the gm-comments.cgi so that I could try making the changes for the 1.3 version?

  7. Nicholas, no problem. Porting it to 1.3 would be great. You can go to the Wiki page: and download the tarball. It has diffs to the gm-comments.cgi code and all the rest of the stuff needed (separate from GM code). Hopefully from the diffs you can see how to make similar changes to 1.3. I need to take a look at 1.3 myself, but with some of the problems reported, I’ve been a bit gun shy.

  8. We can help you to protect your forms from an spam too. Details on our site: (link to offensive site removed)

  9. Interesting, "Perl Programmer", comment spam telling us how you can protect us from commant spam.

    I’m leaving the comment here but removing the link to your site from your offensive post. And I’ve added the site to the blacklist here and submitted the site to the blacklist clearing houses for inclusion in other blacklists.

  10. I’m desparately looking for something like this. Sorry it’s not ready for GM 1.3. Please let me know when it is. I run 30+ GM blogs and the robot spam is terrible. I keep an ongoing black list in my virtrual host setting (httpd.conf file) but of course that is an after-the-spam tactic.

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