AT&T Wireless sucks

AT&T is converting their network to GSM 800Mhz. Unfiortunately for customers, AT&T is swapping out gear supporting their existing TDMA and CDMA users, and replacing it with GSM gear, thus reducing coverage for those with existing AT&T service. Here in the SF Bay Area, I began noticing poor coverage and other problems earlier this year. This followed closely on the heels of the customer-friendly letter I received from AT&T that they were unilaterally terminating my PocketNet (CDPD) service (of course, they forgot to terminate the billing for it).

What annoys me about this the most is how they are making this change, especially the issue of reducing coverage, and simply not telling customers anything about it. Of course they are not reducing the price or offering other compensation for existing customers. And of course calling AT&T and visiting the local AT&T store has been a complete waste of time. They simply offered nothing, no incentives at all, to switch to their new GSM service, or any reason for staying with AT&T.

Eventually, all AT&T customers, will have to change to GSM phones, but don’t expect any help from AT&T in doing so.

In my case, they left me with a phone/service that was inoperable (I lost coverage in my area), and they expect me to pay to buy a new phone, sign-up for a new contract, and pay a termination fee. Yeah, right.

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  1. Yes – having the same problem. I’m about to change – leaning Verizon. I have a GSM phone Siemens S46 and it sucks. Voice is VERY choppy and drops calls all the time even with good signal. And – the phone turns itself off even with full battery.

  2. haven’t heard of ATT buyout rumors.

    I’ve heard good things about Verizon. I personally am now using T-mobile (SF Bay Area)

  3. AT&T has done nothing but screw it’s customers over with their new GSM service (which is basically BETA). The coverage in the Salt Lake City area is about as good as VoiceStream (now T-Mobile) was in 1993! It SUCKS!

    Now, since I live 10 miles outside the one of the top 100 cities, my phone number (which I’ve had since 1996) is being held hostage! AT&T Wireless Sucks BIG TIME!!

  4. Well, when you buy phones like Siemens.. or take the "free" phones, this what you get.. Horrible coverge.. AT&T Wireless’s GSM Coverage has almost trippled in the last year! This is the same thing that happened with all carriers when there was a switch from Analog to Digital. It is new. Give it time to grow. Why can’t people understand that things are not going to be 100% perfect all the time??

  5. ATT GSM in Tampa bay sucks too.I even tried to switch to TDMA ATT which is supposed to be better. ATT refused to switch me stating that they cannot switch from GSM to TDMA for policy reasons. What the heck are they talking baout.
    ATT sucks.
    Don’t get it. BEWARE Consumers, beware….

  6. Hey


    And to top it off, they have the worse coustomer service of any company ever in the history of the world. They lie, bait and switch and them try to get you to extend your contract on order for them to fix it.

    They suck suck suck sucksucksucksucksucksucksucksucksucksucksucksucksucksuck


  7. AT&T is the best company out there period. This statement is written by an AT&T wireless employee! Thank you for choosing AT&T wireless, the wireless company that lets you reach out!

  8. This is also written by a AT&T employee. This company SUCKS!!! our customer care is horrible, upper manegement is only concerned about the bottom line. and they keep cutting our commission!!!

  9. don’t listen to any of those other employees. They’re just mad because i’m cute and they’re not!

  10. The AT&T GSM Wireless service in the Tampa Bay Area and south Florida is very bad. The customer service, however, is even worse! If you are considering switching, don’t! Your average wait time on hold will be 60+ minutes!! If you buy online, you are not allowed to go to the store or even call to have your problems fixed, and they conveniently turned off the email functionality due to high volume. So if you buy online, you are SOL!

  11. AT&T sucks so much! I changed to Verizon wireless on the last day of the billing cycle and AT&T takes 2 extra days to switch me over. Then they have the balls to charge me the entire next billing cycle! $355! I call their lame ass customer service. They tell me that they are not going to reverse the charges. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER IN A BILLION YEARS GO BACK TO AT&T FOR ANYTHING IN LIFE! They even screwed up my credit report when they sent a $25 bill to an old work address, even though I cancelled the card. Their lame ass marketing yahoos have no trouble finding me, but they can’t find my home address to send me a $25 bill? I can’t wait until they all lose their jobs and fold! GO TO HELL AT&T! YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF ASS MONKEYS!

  12. I for one am getting sick and tired of ATT. I subscribed to them back in 2001 and have only notice the company get worst over time! Until a few months ago, I was paying for an obsolete plan that was costing me a lot more than what new subscribers were paying for at the same price!? Thanks for the memo, ATT. Sure, maybe it’s my bad for not checking up on it but it would’ve been nice if they kept me posted on things that were going on.

    So I finally got mMode. Horrible. At first I kept blaming my Sony Ericsson phone for the poor signal but later realized that it wasn’t the phone, but ATT’s sub par GSM network. Every other call gets dropped and text messages are often delayed for hours, days even. Ocassionally, incoming/outgoing messages just wander off into SSM purgatory never to be received.

    ATT’s Website sucks. I understand they’re currently updating their site but it’s taking too long and for people like me who enjoy the convenience of doing everything online, it’s just unacceptable. Links don’t point to where they’re suppose to and is grossly unintuitive. Statements and account information aren’t as current as they need to be. Sometimes I can’t even sign on at all. The ringtones section on their site doesn’t recognize my new Sony Ericsson phone as a model they carry so I’m forced to buy and download plain ringtones even though my phone is polyphonic capable. Customer service sucks.

    I’m just glad my two-year contract is coming to an end. I’m taking my business elsewhere. ATT Wireless? NEVER AGAIN.

  13. I hate AT&T. I make maybe 15 local calls a month and recieve none. I STILL GET SLAMMED WITH TRIPLE DIGIT BILLS! I had to stop using the phone and am waiting until my contract runs out in a couple of months. The customer service people do not seem to care at all about the customer and do the bare minimum to help you out. I used to be really satisfied with this company until about a year ago. Now they just want your cash and want you to quit complaining.

  14. Unbelievable. AT&T is absolutely without a doubt the worst cellular service and the worst customer service in history. I will never ever in a million years think of using AT&T for anything. Period. My letter to AT&T Wireless:

    AT&T Wireless
    P.O. Box 68056
    Anaheim Hills, CA 92817

    To whom it may concern:

    AT&T Wireless service has been without a doubt, the worst experience I have ever had with the product or service of any company, or with the customer care provided by any company. In what follows I will attempt to outline the type of care your customers are receiving.

    In the middle of the month of September, 2003, I signed up for AT&T Wireless service. AT&T provided a national GSM plan that was, according to the salesperson in the AT&T store, the optimal plan for someone in a major metropolitan area or traveling between major metropolitan areas. That

  15. Absolutely unbelievable how bad ATT’s service and customer service can be. After two years, I added another line on my account and have had problems ever since – all digital service is supposed to be the best, so I would hate to see what could possibly be worse.

    In a major market like Dallas we have been dropping every call since Tuesday, January 13 and still can’t get an answer to when it will work again. The customer service morons go back and forth depending on who you get on the phone as to whether they even know about the technical problems. Some say that they know about and are working on it but don’t know when it will be fixed, while others say they don’t know anything about the problems.

    I feel like I’m pounding my head against a brick wall talking to them. Apparently their business plan is to get as many new accounts as posssible to increase their market share, all the while keeping the poor suckers who are locked in with them on the line.

    Thanks for the thirty day window to get out – I’ll never be back! Any suggestions as to who to try next?

  16. You must choose the lesser of two evils when getting into wireless. The networks in their design will never be without "holes". Add local and national organization resticting the placement of the towers no one is perfect. Customer care issues are abundant with all carriers. Have heard horror stories about all the large companies. You can’t buy on price or because you want a particular model phone you must buy on coverage, bottom line. One company will not be right for everyone that is why the government restrict monopolies, to give YOU the choice. Know the return policies of the companies and test run them in the areas you will be using them. Big business is a beast and you need to do your homework to battle it.

  17. ATT Wireless sucks!! I am under contract with them until June 04′. But @#$% them. I’m going to Verizon this week….they can go straight to hell with their 175 early termination fee. I’ll make sure it costs them much more to get it out of me then to just forget about it.
    They’ll never get it out of me.
    I suggest that everyone go out of their way to tell people how bad AT&T is….I have talked about 5 people out of going to AT&T.
    AT&T, their customer service, and upper management can go and eat me. Stick your 175 early termination fee up your asses.

  18. AT&T wireless is horrible. The customer servie is attrocious. You know, they sent me a $30 "gift" with the agreement I extend my contract for another year. Since I was contemplating leaving AT&T and going to Nextel, I shredded the offer. What did AT&T do? somehow extended my contract for another year. Well F#$% AT&T. I am canceling my account and they can go to hell when it comes to my paying them $350 early termination fee (i have two wireless numbers from them). I will however gladly pay a lawyer to sue their asses. F%^& AT&T.

  19. Saying that AT&T sucks is an insult to everything else that sucks!
    I purchased a Sony Erickson T306 from a Signalz wireless kiosk in May 2003. It was one of those ‘buy the phone for 50 bucks and get a 50 buck rebate’. I’ve leanrt the hard way that you get what you pay for.
    Ever since this time this phone has been the bane of my existence! I live in the Phoenix area, and assumed that the AT&T ‘service’ would be mnore effective in a major metropolitan area. Boy was I wrong!!
    It took me up until September of last year to finally find a stance where the phone wouldn’t drop calls! Sitting outside (in 100 degree + weather) with one leg sticking out ;-)) was the ONLY way anyone could hear what I was saying!
    While driving the two hands-free devices I’d purchased were both useless, and the case ripped within two months.
    The previous list have been the highlights of my ATT experience!
    Well over 70% of my calls don’t go through, and of the others half cannot hear me! Finally fed up, I called ATT to complain. After a fifty-minute wait on hold, I attempted to speak to one of their ‘customer service’ reps. I’ve never been treated this way before, and the person on the other line was lucky I wasn’t face-to-face with either him or his supervisor, for they surely would have ended up in the hospital. Their smug rudeness still amazes me.
    I ended up sending mym phone to Sony Erickson over the Xmas holidays to get replaced. It took OVER TWENTY DAYS (from 12/17/03 to 01/08/04) to get the same phone back with no change in quality!!!!
    For this trouble the ATT a$$holes were kind enough to credit my account 25 bucks (even though it cost me that much to send the blasted phone out and twice that for long-distacne while it was gone!!!
    After all this, the service still sucks @$$, and I am only glad that my contract ends in May.
    I have made it my mission in life to cost this company as much money as possible. I went to the ATT wirelss store today and had four customers turn away!!! All this with the ATT morons watching me. I figure I cost them around 3,000 bucks today – and this is just the beginning!
    Everyone that reads this pay heed – tell EVERYONE you know about your troubles and let’s bring these losers down!!! DOWN WITH ATT!!

  20. att was OK – except that other carriers had much better coverage. Had both a verizon and att phone and it was like day and night. Finally dropped the att.

  21. I finally dumped AT&T as my wireless carrier after a marathon of bullshit. You don’t have to read the story below. I’ll be happy if you (and everyone you know) just refuses to do business with them ever again.

    Long story short:
    o lousy signal and poor reception EVERYWHERE
    o connections that mysteriously go bad at exactly 4:00 minutes into the call (unless you’re calling AT&T)
    o months of phone calls to their so called "customer service" getting put on hold, transferred at least three times, then dropped
    o "corrected" bills that never show up
    o same billing mistakes repeated month after month, with compounding fees and charges
    o a wasted a day in the store with a face-to-face that took over two hours

    o the final straw: they disconnected my service in the middle of an extremely important phone interview. This after I had been assured my newly fixed bill was on it’s way, and that there was plenty of time in my billing cycle — BTW: the disconnection occurred on the same day I received the new (and still incorrect) bill.

    o I gave AT&T what turned out to be yet another three hours of my time (five phone calls due to being dropped four times). I gave them every chance to be reasonable — finally just spelling out a list of corrections and suggesting they have someone call me before close-of-business if they wanted to keep a customer. They’d rather transfer me 15 (yes, fifteen) times, asking me to reconfirm my address and re-tell my whole story each time.

    Now, I realize this was a long way to go when it’s so easy to change carriers these days. But, I had been a CellularOne customer since 1989 before AT&T took over last September. Think about that! Fourteen years! I had always been able to work out problems before (and I really didn’t want to punch all those numbers into a new phone!).

    Too bad, AT&T. You took a winning, mutually beneficial arrangement, and turned it into a losing proposition for both of us. Say good-bye to a fourteen year customer. One who had multiple phone lines and had, at times, spent thousands of dollars a year on telecom.

    You’ll never see another cent from me. It’s all going to one of your competitors now. The money you think I owe you? Try to collect — I’ll make you spend even more.

    Forget about ever getting a recommendation or referral. In fact, every time your name comes up, expect me to tell my story. When I see your other customers on the street, I’ll strike up a conversation — guess what the topic will be. In a business setting, I’ll advise people to build their own phone company before choosing AT&T.

    Oh, you’ve also managed to anger someone who knows how to use the internet. Know how to remove piss from a swimming pool? You’re welcome to try.

  22. Wanna cost AT&T a lot of money? Purchase all the phones you want, the free ones BEFORE rebate the "Penny" phones from INDIRECT dealers, I’ve found works great, and then cancel the service the day you recieve it. Within that 30day grace period you’d be amazed how long it takes for them to get the hint their GSM sucks

  23. I have had similar experiences with AT&T, if not worse. I’ve been with them for over 4 years, and have had service that is perfectly fine, phone works great, etc. Problem is, its a clunker, and I want a new-fangled gizmofied phone–or at least something that doesn’t look like a brick. So I tried out a new GSM phone, stating to the kiosk employee that I did NOT want to migrate my old number over until I decided how the new one worked. The spiralled downward into big fiasco, where not only was my old phone cut off (mid Nov, 2003), I was told I could not get my old number back, even though it was their mistake!! After much complaining and arguing, I finally got that taken care of, but moved on to bigger and better problems. The qulaity of AT&Ts customer service is atrocious! I was yelled at, hung up on, refused transfer to a manager, kep on hold for 34 HOURS–not minutes. I was trying again, simply because the phone I want appears to only be offered with AT&T service, AND because rumor has it they’re rolling back evening start times. After reading all of these complaints, however, I’m trying out TMobile instead. AT&T can take a hike

  24. AT&T trains their customer service representatives on how to make customers angry.

    I signed up with a one year contract with AT&T. About three weeks before the contract expired I called customer service to let them know I wouldn’t be renewing. No problem, they would terminate my service on midnight of the day the contract expired.

    Within an hour of that call they cut me off from accessing my account on the web. I couldn’t check how many minutes I had left for the month or do anything else.

    Called customer service to ask how many minutes I had left before my expiration date. They wouldn’t tell me.

    The woman took the attitude that so what if you don’t know; go over your limit. Our billing computers are just standing by just waiting to charge for those extra minutes.

    Yea, right AT&T. Bet your own executives don’t use your own cellular service. If they did and had to call in to customer service then this crap attitude would have been corrected years ago.

  25. As a ATT wireless customer and the not so proud owner of a T68i I have to say the service leaves a lot to be desired.

    The company I work for is partnered with ATT and every month we have reps from ATT showing off the phones and plans in the cafeteria.

    The other day I spoke with one of the reps about the craptacular coverage. Apperently ATT has halted the rollot of the GSM 1900 network because of the craptacular performance. They’re moving to GSM 850, no doubt because this is what Cingular operates on and rumor is that it’s more reliable.

    Problem is most of the phones people bought when the GSM service was rolling out don’t support GSM 850. So if you have one of these phone slike the T68i your service is never going to improve. In fact ATT won’t sell you a phone that won’t work with GSM 850 now.

    So if you want better coverage with ATT wireless you have to get a new phone compatable with the GSM 850 network.

    I have found that if you call them up and professionally discuss the matter with them they are able to give you a free phone upgrade to equipment that supports the better network.

  26. att is being purchased by cingular! yay! maybe now all u poor att users can now actually get service! i love cingular!

  27. AT&T is a load of crap, i only get a signal in like 2 places in my area. Im glad i have prepaid so i can get a new fone and company. This crappy service is uncalled for, to all that signed up for contract’s im sorry you have to wait til your contract ends. Im going to version.


  28. Interested in a Class Action Lawsuit against ATT Wireless? Must be millions who hate them and have been screwed. AT&T Wireless Sucks! Their customer service sucks. Coverage sucks. I have the Siemans S46 and it just does not work. Customer Service said I probably had a bad phone and they’d get me a new one. Yea! But I have to pay $25 bucks to process the replacement! No way.

  29. I had AT&T TDMA for 5 years. Before that I had cingular/pac bell (crap). Seldom had a problem with AT&T. So when all these sweet GSM phones came out like the siemens SL56 I bought one.
    This Mmode/GSM crap sucks big time. But idiot me signed a contract so they have their fist up my ass for the next two years.
    I am not looking forward to Cingular/AT&T. I left those cingular bastards already once.
    Too bad we can’t get together a class action lawsuit for constantly screwing everyone over!

  30. I work for at&t wireless, and agree that there are some major changes that need to be addressed. as a rep though i hear both sides of the story. I hear T-mobile, verizon, cingular, etc, horror storys all the time. The problem lies with customer care. we are required to follow strict guidelines when dealing with customers. and there are a lot of loopholes in the system. if we sway from following those guidelines, we are punished when caught (keep a detailed sheet of all resolved/unresolved calls that they use for reference when getting a promotion, etc). cust care reps are people too, keep in mind, and in order to resolve an issue you dont scream on the phone, or put people down, swear, etc. many reps agree with the customer and will do whats best to help them out, like myself. another problem is the high turnover rate of employees. our call center trains 90 people a week, so most of the people on the floor are new and do everything by the book. they’re also human and make mistakes. take these things into consideration next time you talk to any rep, remember what they do day in/day out which is basicly dealing with pissed off people, all day long. wears you out quick. anyways, i’ll end this sob story by just adding that most of you were just targets of error. no one really wants to fuck people over, and no one likes to hand a 400 dollar bill over to joe schmoe with a 175 ETF fee, but it is in contracts, and its legal, although it isn’t right. i honestly don’t know of any "good" corporations, they all have their faults. I am however glad to see people voice any concern that they have, that is how you make a difference.

  31. Well, I am new to AWS and coverage in my area is great. Although I hear what you are saying and I believe it’s wrong. But most companies think that your in a contract and you really can’t do anything except do what they tell you or pay the early termination fee to quit. But we get the upper hand when our contract is about over. Because we can take our number with us then I say stay until the contract is over and switch to a diffrerent provider when the time is up.



    Boy, was I wrong…. I signed up for AT&T almost a year ago, and it has since been so crappy that it is almost funny. Customer care is a joke, the coverage is horrible, overbilling every month, and you really get the idea they don’t give a damn about their customers. All they want is money, and now the company is going down the tubes, it might get worse. However, it is starting to catch up with them….

    Rock on,
    p.s. all wireless carriers are ripoffs

  33. AT&T GSM sucks. I switched from TDMA to GSM (mMode) so I could get a camera phone. The phone was good, but as many have pointed out, the coverage sucks. Last night I went to the AT&T store and switched back to TDMA. Of course, an hour after I left the store with my new phone it stopped working.. Back today I guess. Until GSM is 100% I’ll stick with the TDMA service (while they still let me).

    By the way, the mMode thing is worthless. It’s slow and unreliable. The thing I ever did was check stocks and weather – still painfully slow.

    Anyways… with the Cingular buyout of AT&T I would expect coverage to improve. For what it’s worth, the rep told me that they won’t be fully integrated until 2005.

  34. AT & T SUCKS – I moved within my coverage area but another state and I can not even use my 2 phones and I have to buyout $200 per phone to stop this awful service!!! I made a payment on the phone today and it misunderstood me to pay $71.56 and charges my account $1181.56 – and I am having a battle to cancel it – COME ON!! THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I feel kinda bad about yellying at the AT&Tcustomer rep and again at the resolution guy, but damn is it frustrating to be snowballed. I cancelled my service over two months ago. They told me I was going to get another bill because they con’t cancel service until the end of the billing cycle and I had to pay for what I didn’t want. I gurdgingly paid the bill, and promptly received another one. When I called to complain they told me I never closed the account. I recounted the conversation details from cacelling and I was all but told I was a liar. They said they didn’t have any record of the cancellation request, but that they could do it now. I have to pay, again, until the end of the billing cycle, which is three weeks away. I told them it was unaccepatable and I wanted them to do something else. The nice lady just said no. I asked for her supervisor, which I wasn’t allowed to talk to, but instead was put on with a resolution person who, as the first person told me he would, did nothing. I now have two bills for a phone I don’t have and for service I cancelled. I hope my credit card company is more helpful when I dispute the charges.

  36. ATT SUCKS… I live in saginaw MI… I just recieved my phone yesterday, and it doesnt stay connected with the network for CRAP. The whole reason i bought a cell phone was for incoming calls because thats what my business relies on, and they cant even give me that! the only time i can use the phone is if im accross town somewhere im never usually at! DONT BUY AN AT&T… MY PHONE HASNT STAYED CONNECTED FOR LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES… Im sending it back to at&t before my grace period ends with a big note that says cancel all of my service because your network is 90% UNreliable, im also e-mailing them with a cancellation notice, then in about a week, Im going to call and make sure they did all of that while i get the ID# and name of the represtitive ill be talking to. If your returning an at&t phone, i would recommend doing the same thing. Because at&t has a habit of charging people for shit they didnt order, or serviced they never obtained. I hope AT&T realises how deep in poop their in right now.

  37. I have been with at&t for some time now having my business account and wirelesss account,and i have always had problems with customer service.What is it with companies today did they forget about us after aquiring our business.This one is directly for AT&T do you really feel that you are providing a good service(WRONG)!!!!!!!!!people are becoming fed up and im one more that you can add to the list.I ordered a phone for which i was unsatisfy with and how it performed. Now i have retrurned it the next business day three month later no one seems to have noted it.Is this convenience or is it another tacktic to prove that once again AT&T failed another customer.NOW! you have forwarded this matter to a collection agency,FORSTER&GARBUS(BEWARE)because this is totally uncalled for especially when a customer pays on time.Why does’nt anyone check before insulting us the clients? this is called customer service which AT&T needs to take a good look at and see that there is something very wrong here.Also why charge the client the fee to disconnect early termination when they are only one month away from the end of thier contract.this is called lack of customer service i would think you want to keep reliable customer’s awe what a concept well anyone would say "welcome to AMERICA" where big company’s dont give a DAM about providing the best service possible! Im upset and this too shall pass right!!! But one thing is sure and that is that people will read this one too and now ill bring my money and business and friends to NEXTEL in hope that they will take care of us and appreciate a customer.

  38. I have not tried AT&T wireless yet, but, after having them install or not install hardwired phone service in my business I believe that they are the worst phone company ever as far as customer service goes. Try calling their "customer service center." It took 50 yes fifty minutes to speak to a human. I tired to access their "online service" this morning their system told me that I don’t exist. It finally took a visit from a local telephone Co. repairman to finally install my line that AT&T swore was installed 18 days ago. Try to run a small business today without a computer and fax machine. I’m burnt.

  39. i’ve had at&t service for a while now. i hate it. it is unreliable from the word go and it’s billing practices suspect at best. but by far the worst at&t wireless experience ever has to be with customer service. in trying to ascertain better service i ended up talking to cs reps over the phone (after being offended by snotty retail bit*****), only to find out that don’t offer the same advice. so blindly i opted to upgrade phones via customer service (through the mail). the first phone they sent me came to the correct address however, despite it’s steep price (more than twice what a new customer would pay–even with my upgrade eligibility). so i requested a return label and a different model. just to wrap this up quickly here’s what happened: they sent me a phone model that i’d never heard of. no one at cs had any idea why it had been sent to me, they dispatched the return label for that phone to an address to which i’d requested they never send ANY correspondance, finally sent me the appropriate phone only to realize that most of the features offered by nokia had been disabled for at&t use, then suspended my service, citing a bill that included ALL THREE PHONES!!! i finally managed to get the additional equipment charges removed but at&t refused to resume my service. please understand, we’re talking about going from $400+ down to about $60!!! but as i don’t keep credit cards the only payment option i have is cash. however since i didn’t have the magical lower portion of the first page of a statement on hand, i had to request another one, be told that customer service could not do that (even though i’d requested and received the same at a different time). To pay cash for an at&t bill YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE BOTTOM OF PAGE ONE AND GO TO A GAS STATION WITH AN APPROVED P.O.S. machine, retail outlets do not accept cash. after this fiasco the new phone performed identiacally to the last (unreliable at best). all cs wants to do is sell me a gsm phone. i have one now and i can’t tell a difference between it and tdma, except that it drops more calls.

  40. Yes, we all agree, AT&T Wireless sucks. My complaint is not receiving the $50.00 rebate for my phone. I bought the phone at an AT&T wireless outlet in downtown Salt Lake City. The clerk filled out most of the paperwork, all I had to do was cut off the bar code and mail it all in. I did. A month later I received a nice rejection letter stating that my phone number was not in their database and they couldn’t rebate the money. Hmmmm. My phone number was not in their database! Pretty lame. Customer service was no help, I was screwed out of $50.00. I’ve since bailed and went with Verizon. So far, so good.

  41. I wish I had never had AT&T in the first place. My mom and brother both have T-mobil, and I’ve never heard of them having any problems. I got my first bill from AT&T about a month ago and I called them up after getting charged for services that I did’t sign up for. I had to wait at least 45 minutes (yes 45!) before getting someone on the phone. I told them about Mmode service, which I was told when I first signed up that it’s free for the 1st month. yet, I got charged for it. So the customer service rep "dismissed" the charges. I then told him about the safety package charge on my bill. I’ve never heard of it in my life, and yet I got charged for it. The rep said that he would "dismiss" that charge as well. So now I am looking at my bill online, only to realize that those charges still remain. It seems to me that our concerns and questions fall on deaf ears. After my contract ends w/ them, I will never renew it w/ AT&T. They were very deceitful, and I am not giving them a second chance. Oh, btw, I am also waiting for my $50 phone rebate from AT&T. I’ve been waiting for over a month now and I realistically don’t think I will get it. This is the worst company I’ve done business with.

  42. AT&T wireless should not be allowed to operate. Whatever this company considers service truly sucks. It is a painful insult to every client who continually must lose signals and miss important calls. Can we ask the US government to ground this company until it gets its act together?

  43. ATT can kiss it! I’ve had the digital plan for two years and I wanted to upgrade to the new GSM, I got the brand new nokia 6180 and the thing was a piece, I went back during my first 30 days to return it and the jerks at ATT suggest I swap out the phone because they had been having trouble. Two weeks later I’m having the same problems (after being hung up on by the ‘friendly’, knowlegeable customer service representatives) so I want to can the whole thing. But nooo, they want to charge me an early termination fee since I had the phone for five weeks, despite the fact that the only reason this was true was because I gave them another chance. Then they suggest that I just switch back to digital…riiiiight. So screw them, i’ll pay the fee…sprint here I come.

  44. Here’s another 8 year plus AT&T Wireless customer getting the worst customer service.

    Don’t trust the view minutes feature it showed me on my last day of my billing cycle that I still had 100 minutes to go. I got my bill and now I’m 200 minutes over which per the detail says started to happen on May 6 and my Billing period ends on May 11 so 6 days. All of my calls were in network so there was no other carrier involved.

    When I spoke to customer service they said there was nothing they could do for me. I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for 15-20 minutes. The rep came back and said that if she transferred me to a supervisor then I would not be able to get the crappy $20 credit that she was offerring (was never mentioned before). What kind of BS customer service is this if an offer is revoked once you get to a supervisor. I asked to be transferred anyway and immediately asked the supervisor to give me their manager. She said no and asked me to explain. I told her I was already told that she would do nothing for me and that this was the biggest customer service BS I have ever heard.

    Bottom line I was told to write to AT&T Wireless. I’m going to write but an also filling a complaint with the Florida PUC (Oops forgot Bush country that won’t help me….)

  45. Well I work for ATT WIRELESS in the 2G Customer care cerntre and I’ll be supporting Ryan to the tilt.. Most of the people there are indeed new. I mean I myself have been there for only 6 months and I am already considered "Veteran" status –

    Sorry about your luck if you got shitty service..

    We can apply just so many credits.. I jus gotta say this when you signup.. READ YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS word for word… most people don’t.. and sign it anyways.. once you sign that sthing.. ATTWIRESLESS spent millions just to come up with that TOS.. and they got all their bases covered..

    I can be a jackass and say no credit to each and every single customer that does indeed call me if I references the TOS .. trust me.. read it.. and yi’ll see fo ryourself.

  46. I was on AT&T wireless for 10 years. Before number portability, I felt locked in. I had 3 phones on the service. When my contracts came up for renewal, I switched to Verizon. The last remaining line on AT&T, my wife’s, was the last to expire. We found out in February of this year that it was going to expire in May. Fine, we decided to wait until May to cancel as it would be cheaper than paying the $200 cancel fee. Low and behold, May arrived. I called AT&T and they told me that the contract was renewed for another year back in February! I said that was impossible. They said, the reason that it was renewed is because they added (and we didn’t object) to an "international dialing credit" of $5.99 per month and that renewed our deal for a year. This was complete B.S. We don’t even know anyone overseas. Why would we add that?

    To me, this is fraud. I asked them to remove it and to revert the contract. I was almost half way hoping that they would not so that I could sue them for fraud. However, they did after about 15 minutes on hold reverse it.

  47. I think you really should add a "0" to the "rating" combo box. Giving these guys at ma-bell a "1" is really too much. I had been a loyal AT&T customer for some ten years in several states, on and off, mind you, but mostly on. I guess I never had any complaints, until now, because I never had any problems. So here goes. I’m in a month to month deal (as I’ve completed many yearly contracts and have failed to get the latest and greatest of recent), so I have simply continued payment on a month to month basis of my most recent plan. Now, I don’t call a whole lot, but it is mostly out of town. So I’m in the sixty bucks a month "One Rate" plan. I never bust my minute ceiling and keep my bills paid. (oh yes, and consequently to AT&T sixty bucks=$68.23). Did I question the strange taxes and varying monthly bills? Nah. I never really got bullied out of too much money, so why care. Believe me, I care now. I learned in December that I would no longer be needing my personal cell service, so I called AT&T to cancel my service. A couple of weeks later I realized that I had overpaid on that wireless account. I’ve been a good customer, right. I should have no problem getting this money back…right. Now in all fairness, it is only a $150.00 they owe me, but I’m no moneybags. When I finally get around to calling AT&T it is about a month later. I didn’t have to wait very long, and thought to myself, "this is to good to be true",… it was. After mild shuffling around departments, I finally get "the" person. She promptly informs me that no refund could be issued yet due to the fact that, get this, "remote polling stations can take up to two months to report usage". I laughed hysterically then asked her if she really believed that line or just learned it as some tactical smokescreen for the masses. She obviously was caught off guard and became upset. I put up the white flag and asked when I could expect to be paid. Another month. Wow, so a company that I have paid thousands of dollars to throughout the years has enough red tape to keep my money under raps for two months. I thought to myself, god, that’s got to be illegal. So I wait my extra "polling month" and then place THE call. The single most life-draining phone call of my entire life. The first wait is not that long and I am shuffled to accounting where I then speak with a total imbecile. Now the girl seemed OK at first, but I then realized she had no idea what she was doing and I mean none. The first twenty minutes were spent trying to find my account (a problem with my first call as well). Twenty…2.0…Twenty. I was patient. We found my account through a convoluted way, I mean I had my account number. So I then requested an rush on the payment, which the first person I had spoken with suggested I do. The service rep had never heard of this and needed to speak with a manager. Tick-Tock, on hold another ten minutes. Finally, yes we can do that, but I don’t know how so you’ll have to hold…SURE WHY NOT. After another short ten, she comes on to say that its all taken care of and will be sent within a week…A Month goes by, no check. This is pure comedy. I call the great AT&T and after fifteen minutes of "account search" we find that the refund has been sent for processing and to expect it in 6-8 weeks. The real pisser though, is that my current cell phone, which is paid, for is also with AT&T. ironic.

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