AT&T Wireless sucks

AT&T is converting their network to GSM 800Mhz. Unfiortunately for customers, AT&T is swapping out gear supporting their existing TDMA and CDMA users, and replacing it with GSM gear, thus reducing coverage for those with existing AT&T service. Here in the SF Bay Area, I began noticing poor coverage and other problems earlier this year. This followed closely on the heels of the customer-friendly letter I received from AT&T that they were unilaterally terminating my PocketNet (CDPD) service (of course, they forgot to terminate the billing for it).

What annoys me about this the most is how they are making this change, especially the issue of reducing coverage, and simply not telling customers anything about it. Of course they are not reducing the price or offering other compensation for existing customers. And of course calling AT&T and visiting the local AT&T store has been a complete waste of time. They simply offered nothing, no incentives at all, to switch to their new GSM service, or any reason for staying with AT&T.

Eventually, all AT&T customers, will have to change to GSM phones, but don’t expect any help from AT&T in doing so.

In my case, they left me with a phone/service that was inoperable (I lost coverage in my area), and they expect me to pay to buy a new phone, sign-up for a new contract, and pay a termination fee. Yeah, right.

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  1. I was so mad at AT&T and I wanted to find someone who shares my feeling and I typed "AT&T s**ks" on Google and thank God that I’m not alone.

    Let me share my experience with you. I moved to a temporary place back in December 2003 and that particular home was less than 2 miles from my house and every night my phone showed "Cingular" instead of AT&T and guess what? Each time I made a phone call during that time, I’d be charged roaming.

    I asked AT&T about it and they told me that I was far from their "tower". Hello! If you can’t provide service in that area, don’t!

    And my Nokia 3595 was consistenly showing INSERT SIMS CARD and the rubber grip came off and I went to the AT&T store so that they could help me?

    This is really a joke, the At &T sales rep actually told me that, hey, that happens to my phone too, what I do is just take off the SIM card and re insert it, and problem solved.

    NOKIA’s service was first class. I emailed them about my phone and after three emails and one phone call, they told me they’re going to replace my phone for free.

    I’m just waiting patiently for my contract to expire. I’ve tried SPRINT (too many dropped calls in Oklahoma City area) and Cingular looks too good to be true.

    I’d probably switch to T-Mobile.

  2. ATT sucks. Their GSM service sucks. Their customer service sucks. I am still not sure why I ditched T-Mobile to go with them. Oh right….T-Mobile sucks too. At least T-Mobile customer service still values their customers. I called ATT about a problem with my phone, and they thought it was an issue with the phone, and gave me two options. I either pay them 14.99 to have them send me a new phone and let them do what they want with my current phone, or I contact motorolla and deal with them myself. ATT doesn’t seem to get that in order to have happy customers, you have to provide them with legitimately good service. I am the customer, and I want nothing more than to have a mobile phone that works. I don’t want to deal with the manufacturer (and have to live without the phone for a week), and I don’t want to pay for them to replace a faulty phone which they sold to me in the first place. I just want to get in, out, and on with life. T-Mobile realised that. on 6 seperate ocassions, my phone stopped working. They replaced it for me free of charge on 6 seperate ocassions because their number one priority is a happy customer. Happy Customers come back after their contract expires. Dissatisfied customers post angry messages to internet message boards, and terminate their service as soon as the contract expires. There’s a subtle difference between those two classes of customer. I wonder if ATT will ever pick up on that.

  3. Again, as an employee with ATT WIRELESS CUSTOMER CARE (Digital – I will totally admit.. GSM right now sucks DO NOT MIGRATE!! Especially if your on either of the coasts of the USA… If your in the Prairies.. Your safe..

    Here’s a trick.. when you call in and it says you have a uber long wait time.. hangup and call again.. chances that your gunna hit another call Centre across the country that the wait time may be shorter.

    As for the the guy who’s contract got extended cause of an International Feature that was added.. email me.. I’ll fix it up for ya.. cause that’s a Feature and not a PROMO.. only promo’s extend contract end date. not Features.

  4. I was an AT&T employee but I quit because they treat customers and employees like crap. They don’t care about customer service so they hire people with zero customer care skills and even less cell phone knowledge. I have personally seen them make mistakes in the thousands of dollars on one customer and refuse to admit it and fix it. I wish customers would unite and take up a class action lawsuit against them because they have the information in there system to prove them wrong. Yes they are stupid enough to keep this info in their systems.

  5. AT&T Wireless is not the best company in the world, but their customers are the biggest fucking idiots in the world! Why in the hell would you call into customer care and scream and yell at a rep when you are wanting them to do something for you? Think about it dumb shits…all they are going to do is get pissed off and not want to do a god damned thing to help you out. In fact, maybe you will piss them off enough that they will decide to totally fuck your account up. The shitty aws coverage is not the care reps fault, and there is not a damned thing they can do about it. Next time you have a problem, try being polite for a change and maybe you will find the customer service to be a little more helpful

  6. We need to get all these people together that are pissed off at AT&T. I was recently scammed out of a great plan (the reason I broke my Sprint contract and signed up with AT&T) and they refuse to switch me back. This is not bad customer service. This is illegal. Please email me at "" if you have a similar complaint that can be pursued in a court as a breach of customer contract by AT&T. We have to live up to paying the bill but AT&T is responsible for providing the services stated on that bill. Please email me… AT&T’s customer service is not legitimate or even sane and we can do something about it together. Thanks.

    Extermely unhappy and willing to take legal action AT&T "Customer"

  7. all the people posting their comments suck, cuase i am also a rep with at&t and i know how we bear u people. for every reason u guys have to yell. U want free phones which u are not elegible for also u want credits & discounts which are never ending for every thing. Please be considerate enough cause even we want to help u with what ever we can. Think 10 times before u look down upon us.

  8. Hi, my name is Jim, I too have been a victim of at&t and I would be more than happy to share my opinion of at&t, unfortunately after all the abuse, this will be a long letter so I will sum it up to "AT&T SUCKS!!!!!" for those of you who are in a hurry to go out and sign up immediately with the phone company that makes hell look like an amusement park! It all started out on July 28, 2003 after purchasing their service through the at&t internet store. I had one new digital line, just received the phone and noticed that the time and back light were not working on my new Nokia 3560. So I decided that I better call them and get this taken care of right away before they blame me for it and make me pay for a new phone. My first call was placed at 2:30 PM that afternoon. After being on hold, disconnected during transfers and fed full of crap from them for 7 hours, I was again disconnected while on hold waiting for the confirmation from a supervisor so I could return this broken phone for a new one that I would receive not in the 24 hours as promised in their back round music commercial while you are on hold, but instead, more like 8 days. I realized after the last disconnect while on hold that I was not getting anywhere, so I decided that I would make one more call but that this call would be the last one to at&t for sure. So when I finally did get through to a representative after being on hold for another half an hour, I explained that I was mailed a bad phone and that I wanted it replaced, but I was told that I needed the approval of a supervisor. So he told me that he would put me on hold and forward me. Well after being forwarded and on hold for over seven and a half hours already that nice sunny afternoon, I decided to speed things up. I gave the representative an offer he could not refuse. I told him that I was on hold all afternoon and that I would give him a choice, either he solved this problem in 5 minutes, or the damned phone was getting packed up and shipped back that same day and he could shove both the phone and at&t where the sun don’t shine. Well guess what, for some reason after my offer, surprisingly within 2 minutes, I was talking to a supervisor, and within another 2 minutes, I was on my way to getting a new phone and was writing down the address as to where I could send the other phone back to. I don’t know if it was something I said or what but all of a sudden, I was starting to think at&t maybe wasn’t so bad after all. That was until I received my first bill. All of a sudden my plan went from a one year plan to a two year plan. I immediately called at&t to correct this problem and they told me that at&t does not even offer a one year plan, and that I had definitely signed up for a two year plan. I totally disagreed with them and after about 25 minutes of them dissecting my bill, they offered to forward me to a supervisor who finally agreed to switch my plan to a one year agreement. There was only one catch though, I had to pay the ‘Free Activation Fee’ of $35.00? I explained that the plan I purchased was for one year, and that also included the free activation already, but they told me there was no way that they could offer it to me for that, and that the only thing he could do was change the plan from a two year to a one year plan. So I opted to pay the ‘Free Activation Fee’ just so I would not be locked into something I would probably end up regretting since I did have several problems with signal in some of the areas where I live. After that call, everything seamed to be going aright with at&t for the next 10 months. (Even I still see ads listed on the at&t website today that offer free activation with a ‘One Year’ contract.) That was until June 29th of this year when since my son wanted a cell phone, and my wife and I decided to add another line so we would not have to share the existing phone. So since I already had one line and figured it would be more convenient to pay just one company for service over getting a different carrier, I decided to check into at&t for these additional lines even though the incidents I had less than a year earlier with returning the other phone, the false advertising of a one year plan with ‘Free Activation’ were still on my mind for the main reasons why I hate at&t. Not to mention the sketchy and poor service in buildings and low-lying areas. But I decided to give them another chance and I found this great deal on what they call ‘gsm’ phones. Not knowing what gsm stood for, but figuring that if it was something new as described, as even better than digital, it was the way to go. I ordered 2 phone services with phones from their web site. I received them only 2 days later but unfortunately, I was NOT able to use these phones since the map was deceiving and we did NOT have gsm service in this area. Even though I was promised by the representative that they would work, and how at&t was being so mighty white and adding new towers in my area right now just as we were speaking? I was fortunate enough to have service in my house but if I drove about a mile from my house, there was no service anywhere in this area, which is the area where I would be using the phones all the time. I also had service in my front yard, but not in the back. (I do have to admit, it was much better than two tin cans because there was no fear of getting the string slammed in the door and breaking!) So here is what happened. I received the phones on Thursday afternoon, found out the phones were totally useless, called another representative from at&t and he agreed that gsm phones only usually work in major cities and along interstates, and was again assured that there were new towers going up everywhere as we spoke? Fortunately for me, I just happened to have vacation that next day which was a Friday, so I immediately tired to correct this problem. I called one of the representatives, who was very polite and actually apologetic about this, and had offered that since I ordered the phone in June, when they had the $9.99 special offer on ALL phone lines including TDMA phones, she would switch me over to the other service with the same benefits and then I would get that plan at the June price of $39.99 plus 9.99 for the second phone line. The only minor problem was that the phones I had were for gsm service only so she also offered a trade for the same type of phone in the TDMA service at the same price which was free after the discount and would set this up immediately for me also. So I would be going from the Samsung 426 to the Motorola V60c. All she had to do was forward me to get this simple problem dealt with? Well, this was at 1:30 in the afternoon. I sat on hold for about 20 minutes and I was disconnected. Then I called the same number back, ( 800) 388-3235) After that, I was forwarded from one department to the next, until finally someone supposedly knew how to get me that deal in July which was no longer available since it was a June offer. His name was Juan and if anyone had any questions, to contact him. This was at 7:25 p.m. Only 6 hours after I started my journey to a waste of my day of vacation, a waste of gas since I had to drive 100 miles for nothing and not to mention that I got nowhere with getting my problem solved. So here is what he did, he "SAID" that it would only take a few seconds to change my account to the correct account and supposedly the account was all set up after a few minutes, but I would have to keep the same numbers so it would be billed correctly. The only thing I had to do was drive 50 mile (100 mile round trip) to the nearest at&t Store to pick up the two new phones for free, and return the other two phones with the return mailing label that he was going to get right out in the mail for me. (By the way, it took 5 calls and 2 weeks to finally receive these return labels. But I knew that I had to keep on them so they would mail the return address labels to me, since I already figured out their plan of waiting until the 29th day so that I could not get them back within the 30 free trial period and then I would automatically be locked into their service and stuck with two phone lines that I could not use for another whole year.) Anyway, back to Jauns bright idea, so I asked if that would work for me to walk in the store and just get two phones and he confirmed it would. So I get to the store at 8:15p.m. only to find a not so very pleasant sales person who was already contacted by Juan and she told me there was nothing she could do but to sell me two new plan at a higher price, or I would have to pay the full prices of the 2 phones which were $169.00 each and jaun would have to reimburse the money? So I told her that this was not what I was told and that it would be even a bigger joke trying to get the $350.00 back from at&t than the joke they already pulled by making me drive over 100 miles to pick up nothing. So then she huffed and puffed a few times, picked up the phone, dials a number and hands me the phone. I asked her why I was on the phone and she said that I would have to talk to then again. Well, I can tell you right now that I knew I was not going to be so fortunate as to talk to Juan again. So now I am at the store for another hour and a half of being on hold, transferred and disconnected. I finally get through and they transferred me 2 more times with being on hold with each brief discussion before I was transferred to the "CORRECT" department that could set this up for me and confirm it with the salesperson at the store. Well, at 9:55 the salesperson realized that I had gotten no where and explained that the store closed already an hour ago at 9;00 and the mall doors had to be locked by 10:00 or the alarm would go off. Wow, what a bummer, and I was finally being forwarded to the "CORRECT" channel so that they could set me up with the correct plan, and I was told that I had to hang up because the store was closing. Anyway, I was able to briefly talk to one more representative who was polite to give me the number of the direct line of somebody, possible the president of at&t even? She did not say whom, but I was sure it had to be someone important and she just told me it was the number to call. The one who could fix this problem once and for all. When she gave me the number, guess what the number was? It was the same number that I started out making my first call of the day to, only 10 hours earlier. So I told the representative this and surprisingly, she was shocked so she read off another number that I could call on the next business day. So my day of vacation was finally over and the bottom line was I had 2 phones that did not work in my area, I wasted a day of my vacation, actually 10 hours of the day, drove 100 miles and still did not have any thing accomplished or any phones that will work in my area. Since it was the July 4th weekend and at&t was closed on Monday, I had to wait until Tuesday to continue my venture but was sure that I would finally get this problem solved since the last person I spoke with on the phone that Friday gave me the secret code, better than the number for the Bat Cave, even better than a number for the red phone. Yes, It was a "Direct Line Supervisors number"! But after calling them at noon that Tuesday and sitting on hold for another 45 minutes, I had just about had more than I could handle with at&t when the out of no where a "Friendly" voice greeted me and the nice gentleman said that he would have this problem solved in just 5 minutes. All I had to do was wait on hold until he set it all up for me. Well guess what, after the 5 minutes which actually turned into about 35 minutes, everything was not taken care of and all I had to do was be forwarded one more time to have it all set up? At no surprise, the ‘Just forward’ turned into another 25 minutes. After finally actually talking to the lady who could finally create this miracle at at&t, I asked the lady if she could read off the promotional deal just one more time so I could verify that it was correct. Well guess what? It was not the deal I was promised. Actually, it was a digital share plan with a whopping 450 minutes only instead of 1000. It did not include the second line for $9.99, but instead, $19.99. It did not include the friendship minutes and night and weekends were limited to 1000. All this for only an additional $25.00 a month more versus the original plan I was offered with 1000 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile and nights and weekend included. At this point I realized that I had totally had it with at&t. So I told her that this again was not what I was offered, so she politely offered to forward me to another department to set it up correctly. As she was looking up the number, I told her that I could make it really easy for her and that I knew how to solve it. Then like a dumb ditz, she replies ‘how’? So I told her that I wanted to take these existing 2 lines plus the third line that I had had now for 11 months already and cancel them all. That they could take at&t and shove their service up their you know what. Well not to any surprise, her next words were- – – – "I am sorry but I can not do that, I will have to forward you to a different department that can handle this for you’! This was probably the first time I laughed that day since the nightmare began. I will have to forward you to a different department to cancel????????? Anyway, after being on hold another half an hour, not surprised since I did not expect any speedier service in the cancellation department, I finally was a relieved man and the 2 lines were canceled. I did have to listen to the "No, You don’t want to leave at&t and the good old tower raising speech", but the abusive nightmare was finally almost over, (I though). Also, unfortunately since the 3rd line still had 22 days left for the 1-year contract to expire, I was not able to discontinue that one without paying a $175.00 early cancellation fee. Even though I offered to pay for the last month without the privileges of using their limited signal phone service, but she said that would not be possible and that I would have to call back on the 30th. of the month. I guess she was hoping I would forget to cancel on the 28th of July at 12:01 A.M., (the first minute that I could finally wash myself from the hell fires of at&t!) and that they could automatically sign me up for another year. You can mark my word; I sat up on the eve of the 27th just so I could finally cancel that line, figuring the trauma would finally be over once and for all. But like Jason and Freddie, They just keep coming back! Only 5 days later on August 2nd. I receive a bill in the mail. I open it up figuring it must be for that last line I canceled that previous Wednesday, but it ended up being even another big shock. It was the bill for the two gsm services that I use from 2:00 PM on July 1st. through 1:00 PM on July 2nd. when I called to have these 2 lines canceled. Now guess how much it was for? An unbelievable $133.90. Not bad considering that I was promised by both the representatives both on that Friday when I canceled, and also the representative again that following Tuesday when I reconfirmed that these phones were canceled that there would be no charge since these phones came with a 30 day no fault return policy meaning that I would not be charged as long as the phones were returned in good condition within the first 30 days, and especially since I only had these phones for one day, that there would defiantly be NO CHARGE what so ever. I bet you will never guess what I did when I got home from work that night of August 2nd. 2004? That’s right, I sat on the phone with at&t! First for 30 minutes before I was actually talking to a representative, and then for another 15 minutes while I waited to talk to a supervisor since she could not remove those charges, even though she was willing to remove the activation fees. (The activation fees were waved before I even purchased these lines. It was part of the promotion) Then for another 45 minutes after I had a very sweet talk with the supervisor, they were finally removed! At first the supervisor refused to remove the charges, but after a little persuading, he surprisingly changed his mind. Guess it must have been something I said to the supervisor about promising to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT if the charges were not dropped that changed his mind! All he had to do now was forwarded me back to a department that WOULD remove the charges which was another 45 minutes and I was finally released from the evil at&t torture chamber. The only thing I wonder now is that even though I was promised that these charges were dropped, I can not wait until next month when I will have to go through all this again because I am sure that somehow these charges will reappear, not to mention that I am sure that the other line that I canceled last week I am sure will haunt me for months to come, maybe even longer because I am sure they will figure out how to send a few more bills for that phone too, even though I have not used it all month already. So I hope after reading my adventures with at&t, it will help you make up your mind about ever purchasing anything from at&t wireless and I am sure that you really do not want to hear my final decision about their services, but I am sure you can guess it! By the way, what does gsm stand for anyhow? I am sure the ‘G’ stands for ‘Garbage’, but what about the ‘SM’? Or is that a spelling error by at&t and should it instead be ‘BS’ but no one at at&t knows how to change the name in the computer? But out of all actuality, the main reason I wrote this long letter is because first of all, it did not take nearly as long as the time spent on the phone with at&t, but the main reason is that I do not want to see anyone else be taken down like I was!

  9. AT&T is a very respectable company that cares about its customers more than anything! Yeah, right! They are a pathetic group of blood sucking ass clowns!

    Midstream through my third year of using them I was somehow roped into an aditional 2 year contract. I NEVER AUTHORIZED THEM TO EXTEND MY CONTRACT!!!!

    They told me there was nothing I could do about it. I switched to T-Mobile the next week. They have been great! They even have WAY better coverage than AT&T wireless.

    I say anyone looking for a cell phone STAY AWAY FROM THOSE ASS-HOLES!

  10. I like these supposed ATT reps posting here blaming the customers. What kind of job did you think you were signing up for? What is a customer service reps job if not to deal with pissed off customers?

    I’m sure there is some percentage of people who think they can get anything thier way by screaming. Sure, these are people to ignore, but people who are upset because they aren’t getting the service that they were sold on are, by and large justified in getting upset. I think part of the problem is customer service rep shouldn’t be an entry level position, I mean just trying to keep up with all the possible permutations from phones, plans, promos etc would boggle the mind. but instead paying enough to keep skilled workers at these positions they figure that they can replace real properly trained reps with low pay, entry level people who read from a script and are given no authority to really do anything (other than read whats on the script).

    This is not customer service, Think about it reps, if so many people are calling in pissed off it’s way more likely that the company you work for is screwing people than just assuming that everyone that calls is an asshole who is trying to get over on you.

    seriously….. think about it.

  11. Am currently filing for an arbitration hearing against Atnt. They promised certain coverage areas and found out they lied only after the 30 day cancellation period had passed. They are trying to charge for early termination fees. It will never be paid, but for those who blow off paying the fee, be careful because it will show up on your credit report eventually and destroy your credit. If you care about your credit rating, I would highly recommend trying to resolve it legally or through arbitration. E-mail address to file for arbitration hearing: I’d love to see a class action suit against these idiots.

  12. I really haven’t read any reports, but just to let you know most of the "bad customer service" you have received is due to third party call centers, aka Convergys. If you ACTUALLY get a real AT&T Representative being paid by AT&T, you will get treated with upmost respect. We have VERY hardcore policies as far as how we treat our customers, third party vendors, do not. We are going to be getting rid of them soon, but that takes time. That is why we fell the past 2 years on the JD powers & associates award.

  13. ATT Wireless is THE WORST. Promised coverage in an area I knew we’d be moving to – needless to say, we get there and no signal. Nada. Zilch. Needed out of my contract. Customer Service would not help. I work for a phone company, and know that everything and anything can be credited – IF the company allows it. ATT Wireless is not a fair an ethical company because they choose not to be. Simple as that.

    STAY AWAY FROM ATT AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!! Tell your friends, tell your family, shout it from the rooftops. Even call using your cell phone, provided your carrier is someone besides ATTW.

    I switched to Verizon. Fabulous. I’m sure others are as well.

  14. Just a question if anyone can help here. In Dec. 2003 I added a line to my 59.99 shared plan for 9.99. I have to call every three months to have them fix the charges because it keeps reverting back to 19.99. Well when I called yesterday they said they don’t offer that plan and that they had no record that I have ever had that plan, and refuse to honor it. I have filed a complaint with the FCC, but they said I will probably have to prove that they did have that promotion. Any suggestion on where I might find a copy of the promotion that AT&T did in Nov/Dec, 2003. It was add a line for 9.99 and get a free Nokia.

  15. Until recently I was an ATT wireless employee. I worked at the customer care call center in halifax, NS, which has about 2500 employees, all of them customer care. When I first started in October 2003 the job wasn’t all that bad, although at the time I was customer care for Digital, or TDMA, which was much much easier as the technology was ironed out and the calls were easy, not too many upset customers. However when I switched to GSM customer care everything went CRASHING down. This is due in part to the fact that ATT wireless sucks the cock (bad reception, constantly screwing up bills) and partly due to the stupid ass calls I’d get from some of you dumb ass customers out there. Here’s the deal:
    You go over your minutes and then demand credits for using your phone more than you thought you would. Come on! Imagine calling your power company and saying ‘I used more power than I thought I would…. I want some credit cause I can’t pay all this.’ You wouldn’t do that because it is STUPID to think you’d get it.
    Do you call your cable comapny and ask for a free TV to stay with them? Kinda doubt it. When I offered someone a motorola V505 for less than 10% of the price it’s listed (about 300.00)and that’s not good enough, it becomes not my problem. Cheap bastards, get a job!
    Albeit, the reception is bad in alot of areas it shouldn’t be. But when I get calls from people saying they drop their calls every time they try to make one and look at the bill, find 3 legitamate dropped calls and other calls upwards of 20 minutes it does nothing but piss me off. I’m not stupid, please don’t act like I am.

    I’ll start with one of the biggest:
    Long hold times. Oh yeah, upwards of 60 minute holds may not be the best way to keep customers. But here’s something that will save you some time. BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING! For god’s sake, if my TV doesn’t work I’ll turn it off and back on, maybe unplug it to see if it’s something simple. START DOING THIS! If you can’t make a call you may jsut have a stale registration. Powere the phone off and back on 2-3 times. If that dooesn’t work take out the SIM card and put it back in. You’d never believe how much is fixed by this.
    ATT wireless is being bought by cingular, and thus are trying to pad their pockets as much as possible. We were told to try to get customers to renew their contracts on every single call. You want early evenings? 2 year contract. You want unlimited MTM? 2 year contract. You have everything you can get on a 39.99 plan, well, why don’t you upgarde to 59.99 to get early evenings? 2 yr contract. It was absolutley ridicualous, but the best part is all you customers who signed a 2 year contract for the free phone every year promotion. Guess what? A year from now there will be no att wireless. You guys got ROYALLY screwed.
    Dealers get commision. That is a problem. Why? Ever go to a dealer and get your bill the next month with mmode, safety package and voicedial charges on it? Commisinable features. Makes your lives difficult, makes our lives difficult. I HATE dealers passionately. They don’t know what they’re doing in the first place, and they jsut screww you over every chance they get. How can you fix this? Just wait on hold for 45 minutes, call New Account Services (who do NOT get commision) and get your phone through them. Fed ex delivers in 2 days. If you can’t wait that long you have problems. Go to a store, see the phones and get which one you like through NAS.
    Oh, the reception does suck in most areas. NY should be good right? Wrong. CA should be good, but it’s not. Want good reception everywhere you go? It’s not gonna happen. No matter who you use, or what phone you use you are NEVER going to have excellent reception wherever you go. The only phones that come close are Multi band phones, and they are kinda ugly. Swallow your pride, don’t get a fancy flip phone if you travel. Get a multi band.
    Basically, anyone is better off to go with a company other tahn att wireless. But no, there is no way to get out of your contract, and no the hold times probaby won’t come down, and yes, warranty exchage is in India, no the names the give you are NOT there real names. In the mean time, if you go over your minutes, want a new phone or have trouble with your phone, think first. Would I call someone else about this? My cable company? My power company? A gas station? If you would, give it up.
    Thanks Joleo

  16. Joleo, you are an ass. The rest of you people in here are asses too. Att wireless has been nothing but awesome to me as both an employee and a customer. Att wireless has the best reception ever, of any compny. I know this because I have seen maps of our coverage. Why would the maps lie? that’s right, they don’t. You people are all imagining your problems and you know it. Stop trying to rip off the company I love.

  17. God damn. Is there any light from where you are? Cimb out of att wireless’s asshole and look around man! What about the selling they make you do now?

  18. ATT Wireless is the wireless service America trusts. How many bars do you have? you guys are all suckers who buy cell fons and get rid of your home fons… go out and get a fucking job, instead of blabbing to your imaginary friends all day and try to be important

  19. I didn’t have problems with AT&T until the summer of 2004 when I renewed my plan with them and added a line. That was a mistake…. Since then, I’ve had my phone service disconnected once for no reason. I finally got that resolved with them. Then, they over bill me by over $100 for three months in a row. Every time I contacted customer service regarding this, it would take them forever to figure it out, my call would be dropped, or they would transfer me to someone else and drop my call. I’ve had to change my address 5 times for them to finally get it right (having to sit on hold each time I called to change it). I don’t even get service in or around my house in Seattle. I would consider that a pretty large metropolitan area. Heck, I bought the phone only 2 miles down the road at a mall! In addition, there are times when my phone won’t even work, and I get a "Network Error" message. AT&T totally sucks, and I will never go back after my contract with them expires. Does anyone know of a way to get out without having to pay the $175 early termination fee? Besides just not paying it….

  20. I had a cellular phone through AT&T and the bill that was sent for the first 28 days was almost $2000.00 dollars. How does that happen? They said I signed up for one thing and I had agreed on something entirely different, and the agent that I talked to amitted that it was her first time signing someone on. Boy was I the fool. I hope there is a class action suite against this company for wireless usage, cuz I’m in.

  21. Here’s a new one. Don’t make the mistake of using a calling card with ATT to call abroad. They charge you at a fixed rate of $1.02 per minute. I guess they forgot to tell me that when I got the phones at one of their stores. Oh yeah, the only consolation the ATT customer rep offers is that Verizon charges you for international dialing as well. My retort – I sure hope they tell you that up front. Rip Off Artists…

  22. Having issues as well. I requested a plan that would include a specific coverage area so as not to rack up roaming charges, long distance, etc. I was sent a bill for over $2000 for one billing cycle. They credited $1500 but are still attempting to extort over $800 from me for one month of service. The plan that I was was supposed to be signed up for had a monthly rate of $60, how they get $800, I have no clue. I’ve been fighting with AT&T ever since to get it straightened out. Because I’m refusing to pay an obviously fraudulently erroneous amount, they’re interrupting service to another account. The same AT&T store (not an "Authorized Dealer") signed me up for other, unrequested services. AT&T representative Sandy Hernandez, #654 out of Florida, an incredibly rude, arrogant, and uneducated individual attempted to argue with me as to whether or not the actions of AT&T constituted fraud. She claimed that she had extensive legal knowledge and that I had no grounds to charge the company with fraud. They have an attorney answering their customer service lines now? If anyone knows of a California suit that I can add my name to, please let me know.

  23. If any of you people out there are even remotely thinking of using the "NEW" AT&T Wireless, don’t bother.
    The New AT&T is meerly a re-sale of Sprint PCS.

  24. i dont know,att only gave me problems before cingular bought i get good customer service and good coverage.


  26. Unfortunately, most of what is typed here is true. The power’s that be have made it known for years that ATT did not wish to maintain it’s customer base. Bing…We have now become Cingular Wireless. You wonder why there are so many rude representatives that talk to you on the phone, well imagine the work and effort they put in to their jobs and to have upper management (Halifax site mostly) run away and hide. Many agents, such as myself, wonder who is running the place. I see a name but have never met this person. Strangely enough, if your Managers are not motivated and treated like they don’t matter, or are expendible, then they will treat thier agent that way, and as an agent if I feel that my manager thinks that I am expendible (which I am but does it help to tell me that?) then I will not help you and then web sites like this are created. Interesting, the power that one or two individuals have over the entire population of one wireless provider. Fire the Director, and get someone in who cares and shows their face and maybe then we can begin working on this problem.

  27. As a former AT&T Wireless employee, I can only agree that from the inside, it was clear that this compan was going down. From incompetant management in Wireless Networking Services (WNS) headed by Greg Slemons, Gene Beall, and the like, to managers that were stuck in their litle bubbles clueless to the real world. Hell, even one of the directors wasn’t even college educated – the guy was a joke. I only laughed at the Seattle Times headline "Customers Flee AT&T Wireless" in the largest headline font I have ever seen save for 9/11. AT&T Wireless – in a nutshell – is pathetic

  28. I had AT&T as my long distance carrier on my land line years ago. I forgot how much I hated them until I signed up for wireless service. I was irritated at the monthly bills, but resigned myself to pay until the contract ran out. Then they cancelled my service because I was a bit late. Now I am not the best record keeper, but everyone gets paid, and usually without too much delay. In fact, I had sent off payment 5 days before the service was interupted. Once service was interupted I reasoned that if AT&T feels that they can stop sewrvice if they don’t get paid then I could stop payment if I don’t get service. I checked online and found that my check had not cleared my bank so I slapped a stop payment on it. None of this three strikes crap. They screwed up once and that was enough for me. I did have a brief telephone conversation with them wherein they refused to address my grievence. I have replied to all their collection attempts with letters stating my position and suggesting a possible remedy, but they are on collection autopilot and my attempts to start a meaningful dialog have been ignored. Oh well.

  29. i will never go back to these a**wholes. i purchased a defective phone, sent it back, 4 months later never heard from them, i called the phone was on back order. so i opened another line up and purchased a newer version of the same phone for $320. when i got it the damn thing was used. i called and they asked how did i know that it was used?? well a**whole there are pictures still stored in the memory!!! at&t’s resolution was for me to send the phone back, pay another 320 and wait for my refund for the 2nd phone. i told them no to cancel both lines. i never paid anything else until now. they sent my unpaid early cancelation to a collection agency. when i call at&t they have no info on mine on record, except that they sent it to the agency. i will never buy from them again.

  30. ATT Wireless is the best and everyone with any brain knows that. They have the most customers and the best flip phones in the market, and they are certainly raising the bar. Their customer service is not too bad either compared to the rest mainly because they are outsourcing more to India, they are very nice people there.

  31. Wow! You guys are pissed. I’m so glad I haven’t had these problems. I happen to work for one of these third party call centers (for Cingular, not old AT&T). I don’t like the job. I’d sooner do something else but my area doesn’t have a lot to offer college students. I hear what you’re saying about agents stuffing new accounts with commissionable features. I had to clean roadside assisstance and voice connect (didn’t want either) off of an old lady’s account today (she was most grateful). I wouldn’t level generalized insults at reps. I’m sure some can be assholes who are just trying to get out for lunch, but that’s some. There’s a certain level of satisfaction when you solve someone elses problem for them and a lot or reps really feel that way. Complaining about coverage is fine, but if the rep says you live in a lousy area or a tower is down, don’t expect them to do anything. They can’t go put a tower up in your back yard. Tell us the problem, and that’s that. Buyer beware, no provider can ever guarantee you service. I’m quite happy with my old CDMA/AMPS Motorola (I’m in Canada w/ Bell). Prepaid all the way, no surprises! Hope this shit you guys deal with doesn’t come here soon. I’ll freak if they try to take my old brick of a phone. 🙂

  32. ATT sucks. I used to have very bad reception in my house or on the road. So I bought a booster CM2000 ( Great product at a good price. Now I can make sales calls anywhere.

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  34. AT&T/Cingular Wireless send me a bill, after I had terminated my contract, for $6.95. I had left the country, and I wanted everything neat and tidy (you never know IF you’ll return). So I paid, I now find out that they were wrong. Can I get my money back (I know it’s small)? NO I can’t. They do not pay bills less than $10. How many of us are there whoose money they are holding on to? This is stealing!

  35. I was guaranteed 2 free phones by SBC for Cingular Wireless. I was double and triple charged for them. When I cancelled my service with Cingular Wireless & AT&T I was charged termination fees. I have filed fraudulent billing charges against AT&T, SBC & Cingular Wireless at the corporate headquarters of AT&T & Cingular Wireless, FTC, FCC, The US & State Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Justice.

  36. Are you planning to file for Bankruptcy? Is the bank threatening foreclosure? Do you wish you could sue a collection agency and win? Do you need more information about collection laws like the FDCPA? Where you disrespected by a collection agency? Would you like to have your debt wiped clean? Would you like to stick it to the man? Check out and you too can stick it to the man!


  38. My problems began when cingular bought out AT&T. While I was with AT&T they were the best and I never had a complaint in over five years with them. Then Cingular bought them out and all I had after that was complaints. Their customer service was a total contradiction. Then they couldn’t keep their billing straight. Three months in a row they claimed they didn’t receive my payment even though I had the cancelled checks to prove it. Each time they sent a deliquency notice the same day the bill was due and threated to discontinue my coverage in 7 days. My payments had already been mailed in each time. I called and complained but they said they couldn’t help. The third time, 5 days after the bill was due, my phone was disconnected with a message telling anyone who called me that my service had been disconnected.
    The day they discontinued my service I couldn’t get through to an actual person. All I got was a recording saying payment in full plus a reconnect fee was needed before they would resume my service. I remind you that they had received payment in full and my bank statement proved they had been paid. I was so furious I switched to Verizon the very next day. A month later they contacted me and said they wanted their payment. I told them they received it already and forwarded a copy of the cleared check to the email address they gave me. They still said they had no record of payment and that they would have to forward it to a collection agency if I didn’t provide them with my credit card number over the phone. I couldn’t beleive it!! A cleared check is PROOF of payment but Cingular still didn’t agree. The next thing I knew I was getting calls for some collection agency out of Atlanta. At this point I had to threaten to sue if they persisted in the matter and didn’t wipe all unfavorable actions off my credit report. I haven’t heard anything more from them. This was just about a year ago now. One last note, when I got angry and tried to explain the matter to the collection agency person on the phone (I’ll admit I used a few expletives by this time) he didn’t want to hear why I refused to pay them and then hung up on me.

    Like I said at the start….AT&T was the best I’ve seen and had until Cingular bought them out then it was the experience from hell. Dropped calls, billing errors, piss poor customer service (if you can even classify it at "customer service"), etc. Prior to AT&T I’d had Sprint, Qwest, Cellular One, Phase One, and Airtouch. Now I’m with Verizon and have only really had one complaint which was over Assurion’s policies and how they handle a lost or damaged phone. But that’s a whole different story there.

    My question now is what exactly is the deal with AT&T and Cingular now. First Cingular bought out AT&T and just over a year later AT&T (as I understand it) bought Cingular out. Am I correct in this understanding or what?

  39. I signed up with Cingular on Jan. 28th of 2007. I got a Nokia E-62 smartphone with unlimited web, tethering and messaging (yes, there were newer ones out at the time but this one did everything I needed for less money). For the first three months of service I received duplicate bills of *different* amounts every month. Services that I never asked for were added at random and ones I used (such as unlimited messaging) were removed w/o my say-so. Worse, the phone was locked down to an absurd degree..90% of all Symbian software would not install on it. It locked up and rebooted constantly, and as a tethered modem it disconnected so much it was almost useless. I had them exchange the phone but the replacment works only marginally better. The one bright spot is AT&T’s online account management which seems to work OK most of the time. But I have literally been in the local AT&T store every single month fighting them over everything you can imagine. When I ask questions no two associates will give the same answer. They are incompetent to the point of absurdity. Two days ago I walked into the store to make SURE they did not automatically renew my contract when it comes do. The salesgirl tells me I have TWO-year contract. I shut her down instantly, telling her that I had the paperwork to prove I signed a one-year agreement (and paid extra for my phone to do so). She said a manager would call me the next day and sure enough, one actually did. This arrogant woman proceeds to tell me that AT&T hasn’t offered one-year contracts for over two years..long before I got my phone, long before I read the signs on the walls showing 1-yr and 2-yr pricing. Process that for a moment, folks – can you fathom the level of dishonesty at work here? This woman then tells me that if I bring in the paperwork to PROVE that I actually bought what SIGNS ON THE STORE WALL ADVERTISED and which they sold me, THEN she can adjust my contract. Almost everyone I know is with Verizon or Sprint. I foolishly never asked them why. For God’s sake, do not EVER give AT&T your business unless a living nightmare is your idea of a good time.

  40. I have used Cingular, now AT&T for a year now.The first year is ok….till they start stealing your rollover back….
    Customer service has always been bad.
    I will go with US Cellular after this contract is over in another year.
    US Cellular at least has free incoming.

  41. I had the $99.99 2000 minute plan with AT&T and the nights and weekend package for 8.99 of course it was $7 when I started and raised without any notice. I called for a question and was told about the \"new\" plan that was unlimited minutes for $99.99 and I could take off my nights and weekend plan and save money. I asked what the catch was and was told there was no catch. I asked if my bill would be less expensive and the representative in the \"business\" department said it will be at least $10\’s less. Well the next month my bill was almost $20 more, I figured it was due to the prorating. Then I get my next bill and it was again more excpensive than my old plan. So I called to find out what was going on. Come to find out that the corporate discount I had been receiving becasue I work for a large company was no longer available on this \"promotional\" plan. I was never told about this – oh and there WAS a catch. I called the office of the president – and of course they will not honor my companies corporate discount. They switched me back to my old plan without my knowledge – gotta love the listening skills of their \"business\" department. I have had so many dropped calls, connection errors, network busy — the list goes on and on I just cant take it any more. Oh and the kicker is I worked for this company for over 9 years – the service has gone down hill especially since the AT&T merger. No one really cares it\’s all about the mighty dollar. I am swithing to another service once I do my research.

  42. I have service with AT&T for a while now and I recently switched to verizon. I made numerous complaints about there shitty service and they told me that they just did not have very good towers in the area(north carolina) and to give them a couple of years to build up bullshit. I then told them that I travel and do not get good service anywhere I go. The other day I dropped too many calls and got pissed so I drove to verizon and switched my numbers over. which canceled my service at&t wants me to pay a early termination fee I called them from the verizon phone when I called them they asked me why I did not call them before I switched and I told them it was because I did not have service. When you call them the recorded message even says that if you have shitty service hang up and call their number from another phone this is bullshit. I was wondering if anyone knew of a consensus law suit

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