14 comments for “Perfect sideburns

  1. y dnt u just learn to shave without a tool? U FUCKIN TOOL! and y is it like a backwards L??? anyways u have a funkeh grin hahahaha

  2. i agree with that del bob girl.she talks sense.they do look a mess.who wants them on the side of their face.come on…they do look stupid.

  3. i wunder if the ‘L’ shaped tool meks ya av a grin like that hmmmmm…all the more reason to buy it…dont ya think ppl

  4. u cant buy that grin baby.hahaha.i fink ill have to smile like that on my next foto…c if i can look as sexy as him hehe.and int it ment 2 b a "j" ?? if not, if its ment to b an "l" then it stands 4 looooooooooooser.hahaha
    sexy beast!!

  5. sexy sexy sexy men. lovin the sidewburns, but my secret lover francises are better xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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