Blogs are like California

As a native of Northern California, my decision in 1995 to move to LA was significant. In the three years I lived there, I gained respect and appreciation for both LA and my own Northern California.

Among other things, I observed that LA people genuinely believe the rest of the world cares about hair, makeup, and plastic surgery as much as they do. They are not being rude when they tell you how poorly your outfit matches your hairstyle — they actually believe you want to know this, that you need to know this.

Meanwhile, Northern Californians, especially Bay Area people, think that LA cares about the the so-called Southern California versus Northern California rivalry. I say ‘so-called’ because it can hardly be called a rivalry when it is essentially a one-sided affair (Southern Californians are quick to point out how much they don’t care however, which seems to indicate that the disdain they receive from their northern brethen does sting, at least a little).

This reminds me of blogs. People passionately writing things they actually think someone is paying attention to, when in fact, no one is. The odds are against them, as they are against me. But knowing that going in, really relieves the pressure.