Followup to Nexus One and my “right stuff” comment

ringy-dingyThe NY Times has an article about Google’s (lack of) tech. support for the Nexus one phone entitled Hey Google, Anybody Home? The NYT reiterates some of points I’ve made here before, including in my prior post about Nexus One.

Google’s celebrated algorithms may power the Web’s most popular search engine, but they have not yet been programmed to answer a call when a customer has a problem. …

Some analysts said that Google appeared to have misjudged the service demands that come with being in the business of selling sophisticated gadgets.

Time will tell whether Google’s historic “we don’t provide support, we’re Google, we don’t have to” attitude is going to carry over from search to U.S. cell phone users.

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  1. not offering customer support often goes along with offering a free or cheap alternative to a paid or higher priced one. the nexus one is not in any way a cheap or free cell phone and therefore there is no excuse.

  2. Exactly, @Tom.

    This is the problem when Google wants to charge for App Engine, Google Docs, Google Apps, etc. Google expects to give the same level of (non)-support, whereas paying customers expect more.

    My take? Google’s going to have to give this phone away, with free service, or at least wi-fi and wi-fi calling.

  3. i am actually really surprised that cheap wifi phones are not a lot more common. especially at the bargain price end. a majicWiFiphone or an omma wifi phone just seem to me as though they would an absolutely huge success compared to an ATA or USB based phone.

    back to the subject i really great wifi only android phone with googlevoice/gizmo5 integrated for calling would be great.

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