Apple bans Google Voice on iPhone – what’s next?

TechCruch and others have reported that Apple has banned GV Mobile from the App Store due to it “duplicating features that the iPhone comes with.”

What’s next? Will Apple will start adding secret hidden “blacklists” to Safari too so competitors cannot even develop web-based versions of their apps?

2 comments for “Apple bans Google Voice on iPhone – what’s next?

  1. David, you know I think we already mapped out what Apple should do. If you are Apple and take the Phweet approach using their notification server then you can provide the capability to create a market around the “signaling contract”. Carriers can earn the money and apple can take their 30% which I think is too high… And developers can develop all the “contracts”

    It’s likely it is AT&T that’s running the show on this one at the moment. In the meantime the majority of the users won’t care or know.

  2. I agree, Stuart.

    Right now, Google needs Apple more than the other way round. One has to wonder how this play out in the long run. I suppose Google could start blocking Macs. :)

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