iSpykee – Open-source Spykee for iPhone

I finally finished making my previously mentioned iPhone hack for Spykee into a form I could release for public consumption.  It’s still not perfect, but at least I’ve removed external dependencies so it can be installed without too much difficulty.

Spykee wifi rbot interaface for iPhone and iPod Touch

Spykee wifi robot interface for iPhone and iPod Touch

Basically you run the “controller” software on your LAN (the same LAN as the Spykee robot) and then use your iPhone to control and interact with your Spykee robot from anywhere.

The “controller” software is available as open-source and can be used on Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista, or Linux/UNIX systems. As far as I know, this is the first release of an open-source implementation of the (binary) Spykee protocol. This software is provided in “C” under the BSD license, so it could be used as a basis for other home-grown Spykee applications, including motion detection, stealthy audio snooping etc.

iSpykee currently supports moving the robot, by touching areas of the video image: left, right, forward, and back; changing the robot motor speed (“Turbo mode”); turning the headlight on and off; taking a snapshot of what Spykee is seeing; turning “Video surveillance” (motion detector) mode on and off. It also supports a “low bandwidth” mode that can be useful when using iSpykee from a slow network connection (such as Edge).

Please check it out and join the iSpykee Google Group.

Updated to note that the “controller” software now works on Windows too.

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