Sluggish sales for Blu-Ray DVD

Even now that the Hi-def DVD format wars are over and Blue-Ray has won, sales of the new DVD players are still sluggish. Previously, the slow sales were blamed on the assumption that consumers were waiting to see which format would dominate (survive). Now, the “experts” are finding new excuses and believe the interest will surge in another year or two.

ABI Research analyst Steve Wilson said it is just as well for consumers if they don’t jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon yet. Wilson said he expects Blu-ray players to drop to $250 by this holiday season and $200 by the end of 2009. That’s when he expects mainstream adoption of the movie format to catch on.

I wonder. Or perhaps I just flat doubt it. I think people are sick of hard media and if some kind of IP-based on-demand service, such as Apple TV, can deliver Hi-def movies and other content with sufficient quality and reliability, DVD players will be a thing of the past entirely. Heck, it might even spell the end of expensive cable and satellite TV packages where, instead, people subscribe to just a basic TV package for news and other local channels/content and use on-demand (perhaps over IP) for everything else.